Good Health

Good health means being able to do your work and enjoy your leasure.  Don't let muscle or joint pain keep you on the sidelines.  Don't let pain stop you from enjoying friends, family and fun.

Whether it's chasing a golf ball around, riding your bike, playing with the kids, or working in the yard; our goal is to get you back doing the things you love to do.


Our focus is the diagnosis and treatment of injuries and conditions of the spine and extremities without the use of drugs or surgery.  Dr. Zografos is trained in several manual techniques including diversified, Cox flexion decompression, trigger point therapy, drop table, extremity adjusting, and others.  We recognize that each patient is unique and each clinical situation is unique. Our goal is to utilize the technique that works best for you.  More importantly, Dr. Zografos’ focus is to try and get you feeling better fast and teach you how to stay that way.

Custom Orthotics

Sometimes your feet can really be a pain in the neck….. literally.  Dr. Zografos can build custom orthotics just for you. Your whole spine will thank you for it. This is done by first performing a thorough foot examination. Next, we make plaster casts of your feet to send off to the lab.  Orthotics are then custom made by experienced technicians to our specifications. This is often covered by insurance. Let us call and check for you.


At this time we don't have a massage therapist on staff. Check with us for an update.